Taking my Mind for a Walk

It's weird, in a way. I just went on facebook, scrolled through my newsfeed and saw some really nice events in Leipzig or Nuremberg. And I thought "Oh cool, I'd love to take part in these!" until I remembered: That might be difficult to manage. Like my mum once said: A few years ago, before the internet was so popular, when you were away, you were away. The only way to contact people at home was through letters or very expensive calls. And now it's a bit like I'm not even gone. I still know everything that happens back in Germany, I know who has their exams, I know when to whish them good luck and when to ask how it went (Gosh, I hope I don't forget it after saying that... If so: I'm sorry). The only thing that's different, is that I'm not physically there, but I can still see the people, on skype for instance. On one side, that is wonderful. Even though I'm more than 1,400 km away, I can still talk to my friends and family. I can share the wonderful, funny and maybe even sad moments of my life in Wales with them and vice versa. But on the other hand it's more difficult for me to just... be here if that makes any sense. It feels a bit like being at three places at the same time: Leipzig, Nuremberg and Bangor. And that can really be exhausting. So, if you don't hear anything from me for some time, please don't worry. I'm probably busy exploring Bangor and its surroundings.
Congrats, you made it through the "philosophical" part (for now).

Anyway, I really enjoy university. I had my first Welsh lesson. Since I started from zero here I already knew a lot of the words, but it still was interesting since some of the expressions differed from what I learned. I'm looking forward to the next lesson tomorrow!
I just love the Contemporary Literatures module! Like I explained the last time, the classes and lectures are much shorter here and we cover way more texts. At first I was sceptic of that, but by now I completely enjoy it. To put it in words that are not mine: University is a chance, to take your mind for a walk. And while in Germany I take my mind for long walks, exploring a few areas in detail; here I can take my mind for many walks where I can take a look at areas that I might want to visit later. Plus, the seminars are basically open discussions which I find really interesting. It offers the possibility to discuss with other students as well as with your teacher and has always provided me with new fascinating perspectives.

I also had a training session for being an FLA (Foreign Language Assistant), in other words: I will help with teaching German in a local school. I also visited the school twice now, once to simply to visit the school and set a few dates when I can come for lesson observations and to start my placement. Today I had my first lesson observation in a 12. grade. I was surprised by the high level of German they were speaking, especially grammar wise. I'm so looking forward to start teaching next week!

Oh, last Sunday it was Xhulia's (my housemate) birthday. Since she saved me from Jacqueline, I bought here a spiderman cake. It was so sweet that you can probably get diabetes by just thinking about it, but totally worth it. We had a wonderful evening with the people we met two days before on a tandem event. (Basically people with different mothertongues talking to each other to practice the languages they are learning. It was awesome!)

I haven't seen Jacqueline since "the incident". I just hope she took her family and fled the country (or at least my room). Or maybe she's planning her revenge... Anyway, I'm prepared. I bought insect spray the day after I met her. And yes I know that spiders aren't insects, I just hope that Jacqueline doesn't know that.

That's it for today. Please imagine some awesome closing sentence here, I can't think of any right now.

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