A spider named Jacqueline

What a bad, bad blogging person I am...

I promise to try to post more often this time. Emphasis on "try". Also I decided to switch into English. Not only do I want to improve my written English, but I am also a considerate person, so now my 'numerous' non-German friends can follow my blog as well

Well, here I am. Bangor, Gwynedd in the north of Wales. I arrived 10 days ago, on Sunday the 15th of January and obviously, a lot has happened since then.

My first days here were pretty exciting. I arrived in the evening, so obviously I didn't do much on Sunday. I talked a little bit with the Italian girl that was viewing the house and went to sleep quite early. The next day, she moved in. So I spent the whole Monday walking around the city with Xhulia, getting lost once or twice (it took us four hours to find Lidl which is about 10 minutes from our house) and just having lots of fun. It was exhausting (Bangor really has a few very steep hills...) but I think we both enjoyed it.
On Tuesday, the Introduction Week for all Erasmus students started. So the next few days were a lot of running around, collecting signatures for modules, getting stressed because certain things wouldn't work out and missing seemingly important events like the library tour. In the evenings we also got to know our other housemates a little better. I can tell you, I'm really happy that I moved in here and not in the student halls.
In the end, everything worked out with our modules so we had some free time for the weekend.

We were a little bit sad that we couldn't go on a trip to Liverpool (there were no tickets left), but actually it was the best thing that could have happened to us! Thanks to Meic, we had a wonderful trip to Llanberis, Caernarfon and Llanfairpwll­gwyngyllgogery­chwyrndrobwll­llantysilio­gogogoch (there really is nothing interesting in this city, apart from the railstation sign). We had a great time visiting beautiful places and learning interesting things about the region as well as fun facts (such as that the pub we went to the other night used to be a catholic church until about 10 years ago).

Two days later, on Monday, University officially started. Boy, was I nervous! I soon realised, that a few things were quite different to Germany. One, the seminars and lectures are much shorter (1,5 hours in Germany, not quite an hour here). Secondly, in Contemporary Literatures we cover a new book every week, while in Germany we usually discuss about 3-5 books each semester, plus a few poems. Because of this and the shorter lesson time, the lectures are stuffed with information and I needed some time after the lecture to go through everything again to process it.
But I do enjoy it so far. So much information! So much to learn! So much to discuss! I'm sure I will change my mind about this whole "the more information I get, the better" as soon as my first essay is due (3rd of march) and I actually have to put all this information on the paper, but so far I love it.

To close my first entry in ages, a little anecdote of how everybody in this house (and probably in the whole street) learned that I am afraid of spiders.
I was sitting on my bed tonight, skyping with my friend Charlotte (sorry for nearly giving you a heart attack by the way), when I suddenly heard a weird scratching sound next to my ear. So I turned around and saw this massive spider climbing on my wall like it owned the place! (Well, to be fair it has probably lived here for longer then I have, but still...)
So I let out a massive scream while jumping from my bed in a karate move that would have made Bruce Lee proud. At least that's how I imagine it, makes the whole thing look a little bit more awesome and slightly less embarrassing.
Anyway, after trying to calm myself down - I was stuck in a mixture of screaming, laughter and weeping and YES, that spider was really that big. Ok, maybe not really THAT big. It was big, alright? - I went downstairs to the living room where my soon-to-be-heroine Xhulia was cooking some dinner. I told her what just happened, and she went into my room to get rid of the spider. I was still skyping with Charlotte, so she witnessed an other of my ridiculously loud screams as the spider - which we thought was sitting under the bed - suddenly crawled towards my foot. By that time I think the whole house knew what was going on and I wouldn't have been surprised if a neighbour would have come by to check who was screeching so loud.
Anyway, my screaming apparently chased the spider out of the room. Or maybe it was Xhulia, who used one of my shoes as a weapon. Either way, the spider got out, we couldn't find it and Xhulia named it Jacqueline. Actually, she named it before when she made me feel bad because she was going to kill it. (Which I honestly didn't want. And yes, I'm one of those people. "Please get rid of the spider. But don't kill it!" ). To show me that the spider probably has a family and a job and friends (those were actually my words), she named it "Jacqueline". To me, it was more of a Frank but whatever. I just hope that Jacqueline/Frank stays out of my room tonight. I'm ok with sharing the house with a spider, but not my room.

I'll keep you posted about Jacqueline/Frank and everything else. At least I will try this time


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